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10 reasons to visit Chios Island of Greece!

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At North-East Aegean Sea, some miles away from Piraeus port and just 35 minutes fly from Athens International Airport, the fifth biggest Greek Island, Fragrant Chios shines under the summer sun and dances with the Aegean Sea breeze.



91 beaches classified on the map from relevant authorities are waiting its visitors to cover all tastes, summer dreams and expectations. Sandy, pebble, black, lonely beaches with crystal blue waters, all of them an invitation for amusement. Mavra Volia beach will steal your heart.


Kampos. Historical Mansions well hidden behind high walls made from red stones, citrus groves spreading fragrances and temptations to re-evaluate perfect vacations. Walk around or ride a bike to enjoy tranquility, see “Argentikon” for a journey in history and visit Citrus Museum to see how Kampos has changed through times.

Mesta, Olympoi and Vessa villages for their medieval aura. Narrow streets, pure people, authentic smiles and memories of fights against pirates willing unsuccessfully to steal dreams, lives and smiles. Olympoi Cave is there to reminding us that beauty is also underground and Old Taxiarxhis church in Mesta for lighting a candle and admiring a temple…


Nea Moni Monastery. Beautiful mosaics, tranquility, devoutness, just a step beyond this world closer to God.


Anavatos. Rocks, ruins, isolation. Mountain cliffs attached to a window, border to life and death, a breath before God. Hard to reach at the top, but you won’t see if you don’t go.

Chios Castle, a lost paradise. Inhabitants and visitors, walking together through history and man kind. Good and evil inside man’s heart, inside Chios Castle. Ottomans baths, totally restored, Ottomans cemetery, Greek coffee and spoon sweets around the old main square.


Pyrgi, the biggest “mastihohori” a village proud to produce mastiha the one and only engraved village in Greece. Geometrical motifs found in white and grey, manmade intervention to history and house’s facades. The Byzantium church of St. Apostles, stands at the edge of a narrow vaulted passage and the bell tower of the holy Mary’s assumption church, next to the beautiful main square.

Wild orchids. Placed by God at His garden, people will not touch them, they are admirable. Chians among others are spending time to study and classify each species.

Agio Galas, Palia Potamia, Volissos, Amani and Amani’s writer. North, isolated, magical. Greeks, sources, noisy cold waters, green everywhere. The multipurpose establishment next the cave in Agio Galas, Volissos castle, and the famous “paniyiria” of Northern Chios, are worth to be seen. Time has stopped here, thus we have plenty of it to enjoy.

Last but not least, St. Markella. North-west of the island a church dedicated to her grace and a place where thousands of visitors are celebrating her day on July 22. This year the Cathedral of Chios took the initiative for establishing a Pilgrimage program in combination with other locations too.

Chios is here, magical, fragrant and unique. At the Northeast Aegean Sea, Chios invites friends to unveil her secret. What are you waiting for?