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The 5 most photographed places in Amani

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In the community of travel bloggers, there is a rule that dominates their minds: If you don’t take photos, it didn’t happen. Thousands of tons of articles and blog posts are based on the power of photos. A visual description of a place, an event, a road, a roof, an old lady has a heavy impact on the people who are watching and reading a story.

This one and single rule when you are traveling (ok there is another one, Don’t drink the tap water, so two rules…) stays in your mind while you are preparing luggage for your net step outside of your comfort zone.

With this in mind and working on our project from promoting Amani of Chios this 2018 (#Amani2018 will be the official hashtag for those they care…), we spend a bunch of hours through social media to classify the top photographed spots in Amani area. Here we go:

5. The incredible sandy beach of Magemena

4. The clock tower at Agios Giannis church at Kourounia Village

3. Agio Galas cave and Panagia Agiogalousena church at Agio Galas village

2. The abandoned village Palia Potamia

and ( – the Oscar goes to…. oups, sorry this is from another post…) and no 1 is the castle at Volissos Village

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