In the South part of Chios island, where the famous Mastihohoria (=villages where Mastiha is been produced) are located, the island maintain its treasures well hidden. Caves, painted villages, fortress, medieval aura and mastiha of course join forces with locals to present visitors a real taste of authentic Chian hospitality.

The most interesting villages are located on the south of the island.


armolia real chios

Every visitor of Southern Chios are passing by and stop over Armolia village, 20 km south of Chios town. You can admire how people of the village are involved with pottery, an art dating back hundred of years, at the local shops on the main street of the village.

Don’t miss in Armolia

  • Hike the path towards Apolichnon Castle and enjoy the amazing surroundings and the ruins of an old castle

Where to Stay in Armolia

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AirBnB Armolia Chios


The entire village of Pyrgi – 25 Km south of the town of Chios – is one of the areas which still stands as it was built. The narrow roads, the innumerable churches, and amongst them the 13th century Byzantine church of St. Apostles in combination with the unique black and white geometrical decor of the outer walls of the houses. -The “xysta” -are the [read more…]


Don’t miss in Pyrgi

  • The house of Christofer Colombus
  • The St. Apostles church after a narrow arched gallery starting at the north-eastern corner of the central square.
  • A visit at the nearby Mastiha Museum is mandatory

Where to Stay in Pyrgi

Vilitsa in Pyrgi


Emporios is a picturesque bay 28 km south west of Chios town and 6 km from Pyrgi. Is a small, isolated village and its name shows that it was a trading center in the classical world. Besides, Mavra Volia and Foki, two of the most famous beaches in Chios are only in a short distance from the port of Emporios.


In this historical port of Emporios, (recent excavations proved that the area was inhabited since the early Neolithic times and it was the settlement of Lefkonio) are plenty of taverns, restaurants and rooms ready to offer the visitors some quiet and relaxing vacations.

Don’t miss:

  • A visit to the Emporios Archaeological site on the Pr. Elias hill where the temple of Goddess Athena overlooks the bay
  • The famous Dotia tower
  • Hiking the path to Pr. Elias church will give you an amazing view of the bay and the Aegean sea!

Where to Stay in Emporios

Emporios Bay Hotel



Vessa is a medieval village situated in a valley in southern Chios just 4 km from Elata and 19 km from Chios Town. It is a very picturesque, quiet village and a wonderful place to stroll around. You can wander down the [… read more about Vessa]

Where to Stay in Vessa



Lithi is a picturesque village lying about 22 km southwest of Chios. It is divided into two parts the mountainous part in about 120 m above sea level and the seaport where a large pier and a long, sandy beach with shallow waters can accommodate your summer dreams. Accommodation facilities, taverns and bars can be found few steps away from the sea, and ideal destination for cozy and relaxed vacations.


Where to stay in Lithi

Almiriki Hotel Apartments, Lithi


mesta village realchios

Of Chios’s southern villages, Mesta is the finest. The village is built like a fortress and is completely enclosed by defensive walls. The cobbled alleys are at times so narrow that you can touch the houses on both sides. The village has a nice square with several good tavernas. The village is also completely car-free. [… read more]

Where to Stay in Mesta

Lida-Mary Hotel

Kalamoti village

The village lies 25 km away from the city of Chios (Hora), which accounts for half an hour by car. You will love its architecture, local flavours, orchards and tranquillity! From here you can access very easily the famous Komi beach, as well as other beautiful beaches and villages in Southern Chios. Kalamoti is ideal for calm holidays, explorations around the island and for getting to know better the life, the festivals and customs of a Chian village.

Don’t miss in Kalamoti

Where to Stay in Kalamoti

Agia Kyriaki @Kantounia
Agia Kyriaki @Kantounia


Where to Stay in Olympoi