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Agio Galas Multipurpose establishment

Something more than a recreation space, is the area of Agio Galas. It compacts the effort and the bet that life in that part of the island, which has been uninterruptedly maintained for 8,000 years is now in danger. In the caves of Agio Galas, in the most distant point of the island, was established for the first time the human existence in Chios from the mid Neolithic period.

Based on the three-story cave and the byzantine temples of Panagia Agiogalousena and Saint Anna (Agia Anna) that are located inside the caves, we travel through time with tours and flashbacks in the past, in the specialized landscaped exhibition places. In an environment with uncountable plane trees and running waters, this place offers an alternative approach to the northern part of Chios.

agio galas delicious trails
Dont miss:

Local cuisine in the outdoor traditional café. Among other try stuffed onions, funnels (malathrites) and goat with handmade pasta.
Raw material from the biological melon fields
Outdoor activities for all ages (slack line, mountain climbing and Tyrolean)
Educational programs
Cultural activities
Rides with donkeys
The flower beds of the butterflies

Worth to reach the end…


…vivid and strong will to reveal to you all of the secrets of the northern part of Chios, so that you may be able to enjoy it later on your own.

Open Daily from April 15th – October 30th
Telephone: 22740 22004 / 6945331354

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  1. Doortje van Lieshout
    | Reply

    Great area. I love Agio Galas and the residents. The food is delicious at Polychoros Agio Galas and the caves and the church of Panagia Agiogalousena are beautiful and interesting. Nature is overwhelming and invites people to walk. I was lucky enough to stay there for 1 week thanks to the cooperation of Nikos. It was not a stay as usual. Luxury was not available but it was one of my best vacations ever. Since 1997 every year I visit Agio Galas and the other villages in Amani. Everyone should visit this area. When people stay in Chios without seeing the Northwest then they are missing an important part of the island. .

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  3. Paul Bierings
    | Reply

    I think this is the nicest place of Chios. Here you can hear the nature. A beautifull cave and you can eat very well by Nikos, Jimmy and Dimitri. We visit this place two times during our holidays on Chios. And we have a wonderfull time with our big big friend Maria Krambi. We love this place. Every tourist has to visit this place and will not regret it. It is also a nice trip driving to Agio Galas.

  4. Inger-Lise Gabrielsen
    | Reply

    I am so lucky to have been there, two years ago, with my husband and my best friend. A remarkable place with so much to offer. Wish to visit again sometime

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