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Alternative Chios-Beyond Sea & Sun

Chios is completely off the massive tourism. When the giant tour operators, pioneers of massive tourism and profit-focused All-Inclusivers was proud of providing carefree vacations across the globe, Chios has decided to stay far away. Thanks to Zeus, the almighty God of Filoxenia who was convinced by Dionysus to hide the island with a mysterious shadow, Chios remains nowadays and alternative destination for seekers of the authentic Greek hospitality spiced up with hidden gems across the island.

Ariousia Land Amani Chios

For fancy hotels with All-inclusive services, hundreds of restaurants serving frozen Mousaka baked in China and 12 super-sized pools plus 22 for kids, you are looking at the wrong place. In Chios you will find stone-build mansions surrounded by citrus and olive groves, Family-run small guest-houses, independent country-style houses transformed to the places you would love to share precious moments with your family and friends.

It is normal in such place each one of us to find whatever your heart desires. Long ago, tourists were returning home with over-weighted luggage stuffed with materials from the destination they were visited. Since then, mentality has been change a lot and today’s traveler is an experience rather than material seeker.

Chios is offering alternative experiences for those they are looking to confirm their commitment to sustainable tourism by delving deeper into the culture of the place they are visiting and they are getting closer to locals trying to feel alike.

Chios Cooking Lesson 2017

The rich cultural and historical heritage along the incredible natural environment of Chios is suitable for a variety of alternative activities. Hiking, cycling, diving, cooking and many more are offered to visitors by local companies at breathtaking places and impeccable sceneries were, by joining them, you will be able to unveil Chios secrets and maximize the pleasure of visiting such an incredible island.

    • Hiking from Egrigoros village to Agiasmata, taking a thermal bath and savoring a delightful lunch at Ariousia Chora is an event you would love to share with friends.
    • Join Chios Cooking Lessons to delve deeper into Chios gastronomy and get a slice of Chios taste back home.
    • Dive into the incredible waters of Apothika bay and discover a world beneath your feet.
    • Visit Olympoi village and stroll around narrow alleys feeling the medieval aura of the island, go to see the Cave of Olympoi, one of the most recently discovered caves in Greece and relax at the turquoise  waters of Agia Dinami beach.
    • Experience Kampos cycling in the most significant landmark of Chios admiring high stone-built eminent walls which are keeping citrus groves and Medieval Mansions safe from the strong winds and the curiosity of ramblers. Paved alleys and narrow streets will drive you inside of such a Mansion for a delightful Cooking Lesson spiced up with Kampos essence.
    • Hike all the way up to Apolichnon castle from Armolia Village or the Castle of Volissos at Amani area, Northwest of Chios town.

List is going deeper into Chios alternative nature. All you have to do is to book your activity and enjoy what alternative Chios has to offer.

Have you tried any of the above, or you have to suggest an activity we forget to mention? Feel free to comment below!



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