» » Chios, an alternative ecotourism hotspot

Chios, an alternative ecotourism hotspot

From hiking paths among incredible flora and unbelievable historical sites to sailing the Aegean Crystal blue waters, Chios can be considered a hotspot for alternative, eco-tourism activities.

chios walking trails

Chios hiking trails.

Back in the old times, before the use of cars, the trails would link different destinations. The shorter and the easier a trail was, it was considered as a good trail. Nowadays, trails are mainly used from hikers. A trail now is considered as good, depending on its richness in cultural monuments and natural sites. Like Homer’s “Odyssey”, trails today are a trip in time. In the past and in the future. The richer a trail is, the richer the experiences the hiker will gain when arriving at the end.
A hiker will be very impressed by the access to the numerous historical sites, the rich flora and fauna of the island’s well maintained secrets beyond the ordinary and the impeccable views, Chios’ trails will provide.

chios walking trails1

Chios is a Hotspot for sustainable travel.

Walking trails, among others, linking many places a walker can admire and appreciate the antithesis of landscapes and colors as well as the friendliness of people. Chios has the trails and the willingness to organize an extensive network that can work as an attraction for a great amount of hikers worldwide.

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