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Chios best spots for selfies

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Looking for that perfect Chios photo opportunity? Not to worry — with this roundup of must-see places to visit in Chios, your selfie game will be on point. Get inspiration through our photography primer below, which is filled with 5 essential landmarks to capture.

We can’t wait to see what you discover here in Chios… medieval settlements, picturesque villages, colorful street art, mind-blowing food, stunning beaches, breathtaking landscapes. While you’re at it, feel free to share your photos with us on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #mychiospix.


best spots for selfies in Chios
Photo courtesy: An Artistic Journey | Connie Cuthbertson


Choose your place, set up the camera and go for it. Recently restored Windmills of Chios only 2 kms away from Chios town on the road to the hospital you will be able to be part of history… Your history.

Mastiha Museum

Even without an old traditional dress, Chios mastiha Museum is getting the attention that Mastiha deserves. All Mastiha in one place and cameras are on fire. Smile and go for it!

Mesta Village

Mesta Wedding Honeymoon Chios
Picturesque narrow streets at Mesta

Walk, stop, admire, take a shot… Time is stopped at this incredible village south of Chios Town and the memories will last as long as the camera has batteries and space in the card.

Xysto Pyrgi

Xysto is the art of decorating the facades of the buildings. Xista are everywhere… Where is yours?

Medieval ruins at Anavatos

Reach at the top. Breathtaking edges to put your self at. Have you?

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