» » Chios Cooking Lessons – A delightful culinary experience

Chios Cooking Lessons – A delightful culinary experience

Planning a vacation this summer? You’ve chosen to spend your money in the way that’s going to give you the most happiness. What will you come back with, besides some photos on your phone and a few memories? Buying experiences in the place you are going to visit might seem more valuable than material goods.

In case that you choose Chios Island of Greece as your destination holiday spot this summer, a culinary experience with RealChios, the Chios Cooking Lessons, will save you some extra luggage weight on the way back home while a slice of Chios tradition will outlasts any souvenir in your scrapbook.

Chios Cooking Lessons

A culinary experience that will travel you through history, traditions and Chios taste. A 4 hours event in which you wil be able to join other Chios visitors sharing same passion: Collection of experiences.

Gathering starts with Greek coffee and some information on what is going to happen this 4 hours. We will prepare a dessert, a main course a salad and a dip while two appetizers will indulge our senses.

Fresh Chios beer and Ariousios wines will give us reasons to feast. Above all this gathering is an experimental approach of Chios and a good opportunity to eat drink and have fun.

Kali oreksi!

chios cooking lessons

Do you want to join a Chios Cooking Lesson? Keeping in mind that is a reservation only event you can book yours here!

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