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If you are interested in Chios cuisine, if you want to go deeper into Greek food or you are just in love with cooking, we invite you to join our gatherings, the Chios cooking lessons. An alternative activity to explore Chios and Greek culture, to unveil Chios secrets like a local.

You will make, taste and enjoy traditional Greek recipes and prepare delicious dishes with the guidance and assistance of our cook, Teodora.

Teodora, born and raised in Chios, bears all the knowledge of her family and shares it with us with love and integrity. She is passionate about food and a continuous searcher of recipes and ingredients to sprinkle the food with love and care. She is an author of numerous articles about food, recipes and culinary journeys and lately is preparing her own cook book to travel us into Chios cuisine and grandmother’s recipes, a cultural courtesy to Chians.

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All the dishes are made of genuine pure Chian & Greek products such as olive oil, vegetables, cheese, meat, wine, etc. and of course all the ingredients are fresh and local. In addition, useful information about the herbs, olive oil and other ingredients is given, together with explanations of their nutritional value and usage. Written recipes are provided along with small treatments to remember this day.

After cooking, you will all eat together on a long monastery-style table, enjoying the fruits of your creativity with local wine and bread, Greek music and nice stories……

Kali Oreksi! (Bon Appetit!)

Useful info!

  • Duration of each event is more than 3 hours so don’t forget to bring with you your foodie mood!
  • It’s a reservation only event so plan your visit ahead. Email us at info@realchios.gr or at cooking@realchios.gr for details, prices and availability. Keep in mind that its event is limited to a number of 10 persons (can be extended if participants are members of the same group)
  • Our team is available for presenting the event at the comfort of your hotel, villa etc subject to an understanding with the owner of the accommodation. Give us a ring for further arrangements +30 6947 315 709!

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A journey to Greek & Mediterranean cuisine

Coffee to startGreek MusicPreparationLet's tasteInvestment
A steaming cup of freshly prepared Greek coffee is certainly the best way to start our gathering. Since sipping coffee with your friends is considered the best way to start a conversation, imagine this as the beginning of our lessons. A traditional Greek treatment locally produced will accompany the stories of our Chef.
Music enhances the eating experience and Greek music is an example of digital seasoning to food. While the environment can offer unique sounds to our ears, the old radio next to our kitchen will provide reasons to dance. Don’t forget that there is food on fire so we will dance like Greeks: With stomach full!
Chios Cooking Lessons allow you to cook with absolutely organically grown vegetables and fruit, learning more about Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. The local products of Chios add a special touch to every dish and you are encouraged to taste gastronomic wonders cooked to perfection.
Ending of preparations give us the signal to feast. A long table will hear our impressions while we will enjoy your delicious homemade meal in the ambiance of an ancient vineyard, at the outskirts of Amani area where the famous Ariousios wine is produced, will maximize savory. Local wine accompanies our feast.
Cost per person is 40,00 €. This price includes all the ingredients for preparing two starters, a salad and a dip, main course and dessert. Unlimited consumption of Ariousios Chios Wine, Fresh Chios beer, local soft drinks, coffee & water. Round trip transfer, an apron, a book with all the recipes of the event and a goodie bag is available at an extra cost.

A short walk to Chios Cooking Lessons

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