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Chios delicious trails

Chios is ideal for unique delicious and memorable experiences. Mastiha & citrus aromas, tasteful maintained traditions either at mountainous villages or at picturesque taverns by the sea, there are several delicious trails to unveil. Both ways, Chios has the ability to indulge your senses.

Chios. The fifth bigger island in Greece, a crossroad between cultures and tastes. A place with different “faces”, fragrant and unique. A combination of mountain and sea, rocks and mastiha, olive and citrus. Medieval villages, abandoned villages, painted villages, witnesses of history and endless searches of paths.

nea moni monastery chios unesco world heritage monument

Captain’s house and Genovese mansions, stone villages in the shape of a fortress, watchtowers and watchkeepers. Influences from the East and the West, tastes that remained unchanged over time and traditional products that passed from generation to generation, a cultural heritage and hope for tomorrow. Every piece of this place has a history to tell, a history with mastiha and citrus aromas across the island.

We advise you to try mastelo and Kampousiko cheese, handmade pasta, to taste the unique flavor of the local capers and kritamo in your Greek salad. Fresh meat at the mountainous villages and every kind of seafood and fresh fish at picturesque villages by the sea (Chios has 91 mapped beaches and everyone can find his own). For dessert, choose the traditional loukoumades, the orange pie, tea-spoons sweets made from almost every fruit you know and mastiha ipovrixio, a submersion of mastiha in water.

And when your trip reaches its end, take with you these unique tastes and flavors from the local shops. Wonderful tea-spoon sweets and jams, aromatic herbs, kritamo, capers, caper leaves, every type of toursi (pickles and other vegetables in a jar), “pastelaries” (a local desert with dry figs), Mastiha, local ouzo, liqueurs and Chios wine for unique delicious and memorable experiences.

Happy travels.

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Wine roads

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