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Chios goes to Holland!

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The magical Chios Island unveils its secrets to 8 bloggers and journalists from Holland, at the invitation of Chios tourism Dpt from 8 to 12 May, 2017.


The press trip has been organised by Chios Tourism dpt of the North Aegean Region, in cooperation with the director of GNTO office in the Netherlands Mrs Eleni Skarveli. The mission was attended by Aegean Airline’s delegates, who kindly provided the tickets.

Maria Kova, Head of Chios Tourism Dpt said: “The program we prepared for our guests aims to reveal Chios, as a hidden treasure in the Aegean Sea! The first day was dedicated to the South of Chios, where Mastiha, the brand product of Chios is produced and to the medieval Mastichochoria (Mastiha producing villages) as well as the Mastiha Museum.

maria kova head of chios tourism dpt

The second day they had the opportunity to participate to various activities, like sailing to the picturesque seaside village of Lagada and biking in the historic and traditional site of Kampos. In that way, they met two important aspects of Chios: the long maritime tradition and the Genoese presence on the island. Day three is dedicated to the Byzantine and Medieval Chios of the central and northern part of the island (Nea Moni, Anavatos, Avgonyma, Volissos). Our guests will also discover the beautiful beaches of the western coast! Up to now they seem to be fascinated by the magic of Chios Island!!!”

fokas general manager of Almiriki Hotel

George Fokas, General Manager of Almiriki Hotel Apartments at Lithi beach, is providing accommodation for the first two days of the trip and he said: “Promoting Chios Island to the tourism industry abroad is a difficult task, since Chios is not well-known abroad. The biggest problem is that Chios doesn’t have yet a brand name, a unified identity with which we can altogether communicate its beauties to the tourism industry. I was trying many times to convince Mrs Skarveli – a very busy and talented ambassador of the Greek Tourism in Benelux – for organizing a familiarization trip to Chios and I am extremely happy that we succeed this year with the assistance of local authorities.”

Kimber & Saskia aka Reisgenie (www.reisgenie.nl) says in her Instagram post: “The old windmills of Chios Town. I’m flying out to Athens this morning and I must say Chios definitely stole my heart. The people are so friendly, the food is amazing and the island is beautiful. I’d love to come back here some day.”

Chios Tourism Dpt, through its official facebook page,express special thanks to companies that they supported this FamTrip:

Chios stands out as an alternative destination for families, nature lovers and foodies. Hiking incredible paths with big diversity in the landscape and strolling around medieval villages, the experience of visiting Chios is a long lasting memory in the scrapbook, giving an alternative meaning to what tourism should be.

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