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Chios Hiking Paths

The Municipality of Chios organizes an event for presenting, to the people of Chios and not only, the first network of Chios hiking paths. The event will take place on Saturday, March 7, 2015 at 5.30 p.m. at the traditional cafe of the central square of Pithonas in Volissos.

Foot trails in northeast Chios are willing to run together a project for connection and promotion.


Initiated by George Halatsis and with the valuable assistance of the local cultural communities of the Amani’s villages, the project is fully supported by the Municipality of Chios in its efforts to develop sustainable tourism opportunities in the island. The progress of this project and the valuable participation of inhabitants for its success will be presented by George Halatsis during the event while M. Vournous Mayor of Chios, and V. Potamousis, Vice-Mayor responsible for the Environment and Culture will greed the attendees.

Footpaths of Amani

The project is aiming to create a path network which will connect the northeastern villages of Amani through historical routes and ancient paths with a total length of over 40 km. A visitor will be able, upon completion of this network, through small or bigger routes to discover unique natural beauty spots, connecting old settlements with the present villages: Aphrodisia, Kamini, Keramos, Lardato, Leptopoda, Agiasmata. Egregoros, Kourounia.

The “wild” beauty of northeastern Chios is unveiled be getting people connected through alterative and sustainable tourism opportunities.