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Chios in Austria!

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Chios is an island far away from the ordinary tourism paths. It’s an ideal destination for seekers of alternative activities, admirers of natural beauty and collectors of impeccable experiences. It happens very often, visitors of Chios to take back home a mesmerizing slice of Chios.

Some of visitors are going even further. They are taking all of Chios back home with them. People like George Economides with Mastiha World in UK [read more about his activities here…] and recently Karin Weiss from Vienna, Austria who has decided to offer a variety of mastiha products from Chios to the German-speaking world from her online shop on www.mastix.at.

Discovery on Chios

With the line Mission mastiha: bringing the unique Greek resin to Austria, Germany and Switzerland is eager to familiarize her visitors with Chios island through Mastiha and mastiha products: “I love Greece. The many holidays and the summers I have been working on Peloponnese during my studies I was able experienced the warm hospitality of Greece and won very good friends.” she says.

But only four years ago, during a vacation on Chios, she learned about mastiha and developed an interest in the traditional, hand-crafted resin of the pistachio trees. With previous experience in medicinal plants and herbs Karin was intrigued by the many potential uses of mastiha.

Her literature research has shown that mastiha was also used in German-speaking countries folk medicine of the past and can be found in many old recipes, used against stomach disorders, dental and skin care. Unfortunately their benefits have been forgotten.

For skin, hair, palate, and digestive

In the year 2016, Karin decided to re-introduce mastiha to German-speaking countries. Because there, Greece is usually only associated with ouzo, olive oil and holidays, only few people know about Chios and mastiha. To make it popular again, she started importing a variety of organic mastiha products from Chios and is now supplying them to the German-speaking world from her online shop www.mastix.at. Over time, more and more customers started to appreciate the unique resin due to its antibacterial, antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal effects. Numerous studies have shown the benefits of mastiha and also pharmacists appreciate mastiha for its positive effects on the intestinal system.

Additionally she is offering organic cosmetics from the Greek company “bio plasis”, an organic pioneer since 2004, also making use of the resin of Chios: shampoos and bath products, lip care, antibacterial toothpaste with natural bleaching effect, mouthwash and a variety of creams and lotions for the skin and face care. Among other benefits, Mastiha is supporting the formation of collagen, making the skin more elastic and counteracting wrinkles as well as helping to counter acne.

More and more people get to know and enjoy the products because of the attention in social media, newspapers and pop-up stores but especially from the word of mouth. The products can be ordered in Austria in pharmacies, as well as in some stores in Vienna.

Renaissance of a world culture heritage

Chios is always worth a visit. Not only because of its beauty and its interesting history, but also because of the traditional mastic production and its everyday use on the islands life. The ancient production procedure now belongs to the UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity and characterizes the rural life on Chios. The rising interest of Austria, Germany and Switzerland in sustainability produced and natural products, is strengthening the demand in Mastiha from Chios, as it gets more popular all over Europe.

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