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Chios perspectives

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Before the end of March I have been contacted by Karen (she is living in Cesme) who told me about her plans to visit Chios with a group of friends and Instagrammers. She was seeking some ideas for photowalks in Chios, which by the way I believe is a great idea: photowalks around the amazing landscapes of Chios. The sense of creativity is boosted by movement and exposure to changing scenery. At the end of the walk you will be surprised from new discoveries that you can take pride of.

Chios, although is not very popular on Instagram (the relative hashtag has about 110K appearances), has a very nice and attractive exposure since many travelers are telling their story using this Social Media.

The reason of this post is not to discuss about the quality of the photos but what people can see in Chios. Definitely I am not a professional photographer and I am not in the position to give an in depth analysis about the technical issues of the photos. What I really like to unveil is the perspective of each one who’s capturing Chios. Although beauty is a matter of opinion, here I am presenting some shots of Chios from three of Karen’s friends (Karen couldn’t make the trip), which are telling beautiful things about Chios.

From one side we have Anavatos village and Moni Moundon monastery from a different point of view…

culinary journeys add


….and from the other hand the famous and multi-captured Agios Isidoros Church in contradiction with a humble potato field somewhere on Chios…



… and at last but not least a hidden heart somewhere on Chios and another shot with no comments.

While Chios is beautiful and attracts photographers from around the globe, is missing the exposure it deserves.

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  1. Maria Pentakis
    | Reply

    Feeling so very fortunate to call Chios my birthplace !! even though I am not living there, part of my heart and soul still there and will be until my last breath …. I have family members very close to me and many friends that I am visiting almost every summer . It is worth your visit , for everyone that has not been there yet ! There its so much to see and so much to do , natural beauty is every where , history , warm hospitality , great people , amazing food and so much more !!!

    • realchios
      | Reply

      It is very nice reading your comment! Feel free to be our guest blogger and let the world hear your voice about Chios!

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