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Designing the perfect week in Chios

Summer is ahead and everybody has spent some hours with family and friends planning the perfect week during summer. In front of burning fireplaces, sipping Ariousios wine from your visit last year while Mastelo cheese and dry figs are helping the discussion, everyone has something to add.

designing chios week

Places to visit, things to do, the amazing tavern in this picturesque village at the north, lets exchange views and ideas for designing the perfect week in Chios, from the moment of arrival till the time everybody hates: the departure time.

Share your opinion, give valuable tip and advises to fellow travelers for unveiling Chios’ secrets.

What are the suggestions (so far) of our visitors that should be taken under consideration while we design the perfect week in Chios:
Villages: Olympoi, Mesta, Thymiana, Agio Galas
Beaches: Agia Dynami
Must See: Big Taxiarchis church (Mesta) – Agio Galas cave
Must Do: Stroll around Kampos

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  1. Inger-Lise Gabrielsen
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    Go to Olympoi and Mesta. Two of the mastiha-villages in the south. Visit the big Taxiarchis church in Mesta and take a look at the paintings in the roof, marvelous.
    Visit Agio Galas in the north with the church, the caves and the little taverna just beside the caves. Visit the beach at Agia Dynami with the marvelous sea and beautiful surroundings.
    Take a stroll through Thimiana and visit the bakery, the shops and that little taverna at the corner. Visit Kambos with all the big mansions.
    I love Chios and will visit for the 12th time this year.

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