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Discover Amani

Have you heard about our cause #Amani2018? We are committed to provide Amani area of Chios a bigger exposure this year. Through RealChios.gr we are intending to give Chios visitors a guide of the most interesting spots for spending quality time with friends and family.

View of Vollisos from its caslte. Photo courtesy of agreekadventure.com

We have started presenting Ariousios, a visitor’s friendly winery thanks to the support of Anna Lagou, Dimitris & Panagiotis Kefalas, in which we are going to host our Chios Cooking Lessons this summer season 2018.

Ariousia Land Amani Chios

Also thanks to the support of Dortje Van Lieshout we have access to her amazing photo library of the Amani area and we are going to enrich our articles about Amani’s villages with incredible photos, taken while Dortjie were around the area that she loves the most out of Chios.

church at agio galas chios

For giving our cause even bigger exposure, we need your help. Have you got a story to tell? We are accepting your thought about the area and we will be more than happy to share with RealChios’s readers and potential Chios’s visitors what gems have Amani well-hidden into traditional building and carefully maintained gardens.

Support our cause #Amani2018 sharing the hashtag across social media. Share Amani’s incredible beauties!

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  1. Vanda SANTOS
    | Reply

    Very nice! We had made an article last year about this amazing area of Chios http://www.aplotaria.gr/notos-voras-melachrinoudis/

    Nice photos!


  2. Doortje van Lieshout
    | Reply

    Thank you RealChios

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