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Easter Chios Rocket war

On the night of the Holy Saturday people of Vrontádos are ready to set the night on fire! The famous rocketwar starts, a virtual fight between the church of Panayia Erythiani and the Church of Agios Markos. A custom which dates back to the age of the Turkish occupation (15th-19th centuries) and it still happens every year in the Easter, turns this village into a virtual battlefield.


Firstly the residents of the two parishes, which are facing each other, made extempore little cannons. But all these by the time became extempore rockets, fireworks made from niter, sulphur and gun-powder.


The preparation of the rockets starts immediately after Easter, so everything to be ready for the next year. The amount of the rockets the last years happens to be large, almost few thousands in number and the view of the rockets and the fireworks burning in the air, at the night of the Christ’s resurrection, really magnificent and fascinating.



And many people use to visit Chios Island this time of the year, so to enjoy this event that happens only here. It is a unique experience but dangerous and for this reason, the last few years has been taken measures for the protection of all the people that attempt this event, so the custom to be continued.

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