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Mastiha. How to clean it…

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Mastiha, this precious and unique product of Chios Island is well appreciated worldwide for its extended usability: From delicacies and drinks to pharmaceutical products and personal care.

How to clean Mastiha

In this video prepared by Chian Kostas Anagnostou you will see how Mastiha affects everyday’s life: The traditional way of cleaning this precious tears, mainly by elders, inhabitants of the southern part of Chios (the Mastihohoria, villages proud to produce Mastiha), a tradition recently enscripted in the list of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural heritage of humanity.

Virtuosic moves, use of traditional and specially designed tools and the result are stunning: world welcomes and appreciates this unique Chios product.

Visit Chios island and unveil Real Chios secrets: Join an activity presenting Mastiha’s cultivation and feel a bit as part of this cultural heritage of humanity.


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