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Outdoor-Activities: A website takes you outdoor

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Have you ever think about going outdoor during for vacations for activitiers and fun? Have you ever search for activities while you are plannning to visit a Greek holiday spot? Things are going smoothly now with the idea of Alkis where he put together all the essential information for holiday destinations and outdoor activities. Alkis Fakiris was so kind to present his work through our RealChios.


Welcome to Outdoor-Activities.gr!

Outdoor-Activities is a new website about sports tourism in Greece.

Our aim is to inform our visitors about upcoming events, but also at the same time to provide the ideal information required to complete their visit.

Using an interactive map and a list with all the sports included in our website, the visitor can choose an activity according to his interests or the place he is planning to visit, to do a research in order to find the best hotel deal but also to find sights to enrich his overall trip!

Our goal is to cover all your needs regarding an upcoming visit in Greece, to inform you about the best places to visit and also to reveal some secrets about the places you already know. Our motto is ‘’Sports – Health – Fun’’ and we are planning to make you part of it!

For further information you can always visit our official website outdoor-activities.gr or our official facebook page.

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