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OZ’s Mastiha basket at Athens Bar Show

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Our lovely cocktail bar, the one that since its opening has introduced us to the world of cocktails, is travelling abroad. In Athens, with the opportunity of the signature event dedicated to bars and spirits, the famous Athens Bar Show, the OZ’s Mastiha basket was introducing Mastiha to bartenders and bar lovers.


The Athens Bar Show is the largest educational exhibition of the bar scene, a unique annual event dedicated to the bartenders and professionals in the beverage industry. During the Show, held at the magnificent footprints of the old gas factory of Athens in the area of Technopolis, eight rooms and 2 courtyards of Technopolis have been transformed specifically for the event needs, during which bartenders and bar lovers had the opportunity to meet the most renowned Greek bartenders, to be inspired by the most famous cocktail gurus of the global bar scene and learn about all the trends and news of the industry. Sampling over 300 products, hosting seminars and lectures by distinguished professionals, Athens Bar Show provide ideas and innovations that are happening right now in the best bars in the world.

OZ and Mastiha

At the show, OZ worked closely with Mastiha’s Growers Associations, the architects of ARCHstudio and the Mastiha World of UK so to be able to present Mastiha as the new trend in mixology. According to George Economides, the owner of Mastiha World and the exclusive importer of Enosis & Kentos (the Mastiha liquers of Mastiha’s Growers Association) in UK, Mastiha has gaining exposure and more people are coming to know that mastiha except of an excellent digestive drink has become a significant ingredient into many cocktails worldwide.


In a special event, the OZ’s team (Dimitris Georgoulis, Iakovos Konstantas, Giannis Miliotis and George Stamatelopoulos) share with their audience a very powerful and succesful introduction to the world of Mastiha. Withing 35 minutes, Dimitris Georgoulis and the team members of OZ inform the public about the major aspects of Mastiha, a small presentation of Mastiha’s cultivation while Iakovos prepare a beautiful cocktail with Mastiha. Highligh of the presentation was the moment when Dimitris Georgoulis ask the audience to touch, smell, and taste Mastiha which was in small bags attached beneath their seats.


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