» » Unveil Chios island of Greece. 5 worth to do things.

Unveil Chios island of Greece. 5 worth to do things.

Chios Island of Greece is a hidden gem located in the Northeast Aegean Sea. The fifth bigger Greek Island is well known worldwide as the place where Mastiha, this unique product, being produced. Cultivation of Mastiha has been added recently into UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity. Here below unveil top 5 worth to do things while on Chios.

1.Visit Pyrgi, the painted village.

pyrgi village chios island greece
Pyrgi is located 25 Km south of Chios town. The entire village is one of the areas which still stands as it was built. The narrow roads, the innumerable churches, and amongst them the 13th century Byzantine church of St. Apostles in combination with the unique black and white geometrical decor of the outer walls of the houses, -the “xysta”- are the things which enchant the visitor.

mastiha walk add

2. Visit Nea Moni monastery, an 11th century old monastery an UNESCO’s World Heritage monument.

nea moni monastery chios unesco world heritage monument
It’s a good idea to visit Nea Moni before 1 pm when the museum is still open. Nea Moni closes its gates between 1pm to 4 pm.

3. Join a traditional Chios Cooking Lesson

If you are interested in Chios cuisine, if you want to go deeper into Greek food or you are just in love with cooking, you are invites to join Chios Cooking Lessons, a unique gathering, the place you want to be with friends.

4. Get married, renew your vows and enjoy a honeymoon far and beyond the ordinary

joanna loukaki weddings
Medieval ambience, Sunset view, Typical Greek, Rural. Whatever your style will be, Chios has a solution for everybody. Need to find those elements that they will work together for a happily ever after experience.

culinary journeys add

5. Ride a bike and discover Kampos, Chios Bike Ride!

Ride among the narrow streets of Kampos and admire Genoveze era Mansions behind high eminent stone walls made by the famous red stone Thimianousiki extracted by the nearby village of Thimiana.

What are your favorite 5 top things to do in Chios? Comment below!

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