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Welcome to Amani

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Ariousios Wines of Amani, heritage of Chios
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In Amani and in Egrigoros village, northwest of Chios town, the famous from the antiquity area Ariousia Land has become a landmark within Chios delicious trails where the nearby vineyards produce excellent wines, the unique... Read More

The 5 most photographed places in Amani
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In the community of travel bloggers, there is a rule that dominates their minds: If you don’t take photos, it didn’t happen. Thousands of tons of articles and blog posts are based on the power... Read More

Discover Amani
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Have you heard about our cause #Amani2018? We are committed to provide Amani area of Chios a bigger exposure this year. Through RealChios.gr we are intending to give Chios visitors a guide of the most... Read More

Visit Ariousios Winery and have lunch at Ariousia Chora
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Located 65 kilometers north of the town of Chios and a mere 20 kilometers from the village Volissos is Nenitouria. The four communities, Psaros, Kosmados, Hametos and Antrahlias have been united to form one single... Read More

Discover Amani
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Amani area lays at the north-west part of Chios island. Wild, isolated but hospitable at the same time, Amani is offering its visitors great escapes with breathtaking views and impeccable sceneries. Mountainous villages with stone-built houses and sea-side resorts in a combination that can make your vacation unforgettable while friendly and smiling inhabitants are there ready to welcome you and to offer you some mastiha or souma to say “Yia mas” (=cheers, to our health) and to help find your way to the next path if you are hiking, or the most worth to be seen sights of the area.

Amani is beautiful year round

19 villages each one with its own beauty and history are making Amani the place to be. Far away from anything touristic, Amani welcomes travelers willing to explore Real Chios and to delve deeper into unspoiled nature, rich in flora and fauna and hidden gems almost everywhere.

The destination Amani can be easily divided into the coastal area and the mountainous Amani. Although is hard to find accommodation in the period before and after the summer season, Amani worths to be visited during Spring and Autumn, while in Winter is miraculous.

Summer in Amani is interesting since the area hosts some incredible beaches, the majority of them is totally isolated and easily you can find yourselves delving into crystal blue Aegean waters alone. Having a beach for your self only is something you could not found during August in a touristic area, would you?. Chios anyhow if off-the-beaten-track and Amani is a part of Chios, no?

Don’t miss in Amani

  • A visit to a traditional bakery in Volissos, which still makes bread in the old woods-oven.
  • Make your own coffee and sip some souma at the self-service coffee shop located in Leptopoda village.
  • Visit Ariousios Winery in at Egrigoros village where the famous from antiquity wine Ariousios is re-produced and served to the market.
  • Walk up to the castle of Volissos.
  • Visit Agio Galas cave and relax at the Multi-purpose establishment of Agio Galas.
  • Drink a coffee at Kourounia’s central square and take a photo of the clock tower at Agios Gianni’s church.
  • Buy local products to validate sustainable tourism and support the local communities.
  • Visit the wine village, Kourounia and its ecclesiastical museum, the first of its kind in Chios.
  • Ask information (and, why not, someone to guide you) about the extended network of hiking routes (55Kms under certification currently from the European Rumblers Association) and experience a walking tour through the beauties of Amani and its impeccable landscape


A Photo tour

Get to know Amani

For wine lovers and foodies among us, Egrigoros village in Amani area, northwest of Chios is the must-visit destination this summer 2018. At the footsteps of Oinopion, son of Dionysus the God of the wine,... Read More

Visit Amani’s vilagges

Have you heard about our cause #Amani2018? We are committed to provide Amani area of Chios a bigger exposure this year. Through RealChios.gr we are intending to give Chios visitors a guide of the most... Read More

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