Chios, a very Greek island off the beaten track. Although you can describe is as a sightseeing destination, it’s more of a place to feel, sense, absorb, and experience.

There are plenty of spots and attractions to visit and to do while at Chios but if you really want to get a true feel for the island, you should follow the locals. In spite of other travel guides that are based for their suggestion on how popular each attraction is, we do strongly believe that what will enhance your visit in Chios is what you are expecting to experience. So we will base our suggestion on the 10 reasons to visit Chios island of Greece and to the Insiders tips to enhance your Chios experience.

While you can always find your own attraction to spend your time and to collect memories and reasons to come back once again we considered Must-Do the visit to Kampos, to Nea Moni, a Mastiha walk, the Olympoi Cave, the Sidirounda’s sunset and so on….

And the list goes more and more. As long as you determine how long your vacations will last, you better include as many things as possible into your day. You have to bear in mind, though, that no matter how long your visit lasts, you’ll never quite get the full sense of this fascinating place.

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