Do a little shopping – Get Chios products

Although we strongly believe that buying experiences is most important than buying materials, you should know at least what should be into your bucket list when you are going out for shopping.

In every village of Chios you can find delightful products, some handcrafted, with attention to detail and created with love.

Products of Chios will make a gift to your friends and relatives back home.

No matter what, Chios is here, eager to answer to your needs.

Chios Cooking Lessons

Delving deeper into Chios and Greek gastronomy, Chios Cooking Lessons is an event you can afford to miss.

A Hand-on cooking experience in small intimate groups of six friends.

Chios Cooking Lessons allow you to cook with absolutely organically grown vegetables and fruit, learning more about Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. The local products of Chios add a special touch to every dish and you are encouraged to taste gastronomic wonders cooked to perfection.

Ending of preparations give us the signal to feast. A long table will hear our impressions while we will enjoy your delicious homemade meal in the ambiance of an ancient courtyard, where aromas and essences of Kampos will maximize savory. Local wine, beer and spirit accompanies our feast.

Chios Products


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