Chios is proud of its gastronomy where recipes to local dishes are a combination of Chian, Genovese and Asia Minor influences and the results are sufficient enough to make a gastronomy tour on the island a memorable experience.

Mastiha of Chios

Starting with Mastiha a product recognised by the European Union as Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), due to the efforts made by the Chios Mastiha Growers Association and its subsidiary Mediterra S.A.

Mastiha is a tear that pleases, perfumes, relieves and heals. It can be an ingredient of almost any recipe, no matter of food, desert, medicine or drink.

If you found yourself in Chios don’t hesitate to try Mastiha liquor or the famous Mastiha submarine.


Spoon sweets and more

In Chios there is a saying: Everything can be sweet. Literally tea spoon sweet. Citrus fruit, mandarin, orange, bitter orange, rosehip, lemon flower (a rare and unique flavour!), pistachio, mini figs, eggplant, onions. And if it cannot be tea spoon sweet then can be “toursi” (=pikklie). Maintained in vinegar onion, garlic, kritamo, kaper, and the list extends to whatever you can imagine. A short walk to the main market of Chios will give you a taste of what Chios’s imagination can do to satisfy your taste.

Honey is also a product that Chios and particularly the nearby island of Psara is proud of. It is spread above hot loukoumades (=honey puff donuts) and is used to connect sesame together resulting the famous Chios Pasteli, a trade mark of local paniyiria (feasts). Homemade and uniquely flavored will spoil your senses, if you are lucky enough to attend such paniyiri.

Chios pastelaries sounds like pasteli but is made from dry figs with almonds flavored with daphne leaves. Not available everywhere, you should search among specialty shops off the beaten tracks. From figs also Chians distilling Souma a homemade kind of raki.

The list can go very long; You have to do one thing while in Chios. Join locals to a nearby tavern and let the feast of senses begin.

Join the fun!