An alternative way to experience the magnificent Island of Chios. A 7 days- 6 nights program for those they are willing to come closer to nature while they will enhance their vacations with the essences and the delightful scenes of fragrant Chios.



Starting with Volissos, the largest village in NorthWest Chios, the island will deploy its beauty on unique walking paths, churches and a Winery where accordance to mythology, God Dionysos was holding his feasts sharing this wine. Few breaths before unveiling Kampos area, we will explore the most important cave of Northern Chios, the Agio Galas cave and its surroundings.

Kampos, well maintained behind eminent boundary walls dated from 14th century, where Genovese and Chian noblemen had their summer mansions surrounded by the famous Chian mandarin and the spectacular fragrant of Chios yasmin,. Mesta, Olympoi and Pyrgi among the 24 Mastihohoria (villages proud to produce Mastiha) will let us to discover with the participation of the community concerned, know-how of cultivating mastiha on the island of Chios which recently has been added to the national inventory of intangible cultural heritage maintained by UNESCO.


  • Visit the significant caves of Chios, The Cave of Olympoi and the Cave of Agio Galas.
  • Stay and exploration of the most well preserved medieval settlement in the Aegean, the village of Mesta.
  • “Experience Kampos”. A unique combination of cycling and cooking. A bike ride to the historical area of Kampos, a rich environment of Architecture, history and fragrant citrus groves and a delightful hands on experience of Chios gastronomy!


April: 20-26
May: 4-10 & 11-17
September: 21-27
October: 5-10

For detailed itinerary, prices and more information please feel free to contact us at or call us at +30 6947 315 709

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