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Scuba diving in Chios. What, so far, for many people is a Discovery Channel fantasy, can easily come to a reality.

Chios recently is classified among the top european destinations for scuba diving. Since we are talking about recreational activities and because a minimum level of fitness and health is required, everybody can enjoy an underwater ride.

Be prepared to unveil the secrets of a blue world that lies just beneath your feet.

At times, we must dive deep inside to discover the beauty within.

Have you always wondered what it’s like to breathe underwater? Anyone from the the age of 10 or older can dive as long there is no health problems such as heart disease, ear problems, asthma, the use of prescription or non-prescription medications.

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Scuba Diving in Chios

You can live the experience of Scuba diving with Tortuga Diving Center in Apothika beach of Mesta and with Sea Adventure Dive Center in Karfas.

Tortuga Diving Center – Apothika bay, Mesta, Chios

Tortuga diving center is located at the beach of Apothika close to the medieval village of Mesta.

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If you are familiar with SCUBA diving let them guide you under the blue of Aegean (1 dive with full equipment 45 euro and double dive for 80 euro). If you are just wondering about scuba diving and you want to go deeper, then Tortuga Diving Center’s instructors will introduce you to the marine world at the daily course of Try SCUBA diving (3 hours/50 euro p.p.) or the course Open Water Diver (5 days min / 350 euro p.p.).

Visiting Apothika bay is also a spectacular experience for your vacations. At the magnificent beach you can rent kayak to visit the cliffs and caves of the area or rest at the canteen having some snacks and cocktails. Info

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Sea Adventure Dive Center – Karfas, Chios

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Sea Adventure dive center ( is a PADI resort and for the best exprerience of divers they are using SCUBAPRO equipment. Options are unlimmited once you are willing to dive.You can just get the experience of scuba diving or become a certified diver.

The PADI System of diver education is the most instructionally solid system in diving. PADI courses are designed to make learning enjoyable and worthwhile. Under the guidance of professional PADI Instructors, you gain confidence while mastering important safety concepts and skills.

Sea Adventure dive center’s PADI Instructors are trained and held to diving’s highest standards, backed up by a solid, proactive quality management system.

DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING: In this course you will learn first the basic safety guidelines, how to use your scuba equipment and some basic skills, after that you will have the chance to dive with max depth of 6 meters. Minimum age is 10 years old. This course lasts 1-2 hours and the cost is 49euro.

BUBBLEMAKER: Bubblemaker is as fun as it sounds – a chance for kids to blow bubbles by scuba diving. Children who are at least 8 years old can learn how to use scuba gear to breathe underwater and swim around in shallow water more than 2 meters. Parental approval is required.

OPEN WATER DIVER COURSE: The first step to become certified diver. In this course you will do 5 sections of theory and confined water dives in which you will learn basic skills and theory of how to dive with safety to 18 meters/60feet max depth. You will learn physics, psyciology,equipment parts,how to react in emergency situations and how to use RDP tables to programme your dives. After that you do 4 open water dives to 16- 18 meters and exams. Minimun age is 10 years old and this course lasts 4 days. Cost 440euro.

PADI SCUBA DIVER: This course is for those who are short on time and want to become divers, its also a good warm up for open water diver course. In this you will do 3 sections of theory and confined water dives in which you learn basic skills, safety guidelines and how to dive with the right way and after that you do 2 open water dives with max depth 12meters. Minimum age is 10 years old. Its lasts 2 days and the cost is 300euro.

ADVENTURE DIVER COURSE: In this course you do 3 anventure dives ( deep dive, wreck dive , night dive etc.) and 3 knowledge development, .
Minimum age is 12 years old(10-11 years old will earn junior adventure diver). Its lasts 2 days and the ocst is 270 euro.

ADVANCED OPEN WATER DIVER: In this course you do 5 adventure dives (deep dive, wreck dive, night dive, cavern dive etc.) and 5 knowledge development that help you get more exprerience and become an advanced open water dive, also it you will explore and see many things with this anventure dives. For divers 15 years old and older max depth is
30 meters. It lasts 2-3 days and the cost is 350euro.

RESCUE DIVER COURSE: In this course you will learn how to rescue. You will do exercises, learn skills and participate in rescue scenarios that will help alot in emergency situations. Minimum age is 12 years old. This course lasts 4 days and it costs 350euro.

E.F.R (CPR, First Aid, Care for Children): You will learn first and secondary aid, use CPR method, participate in scenarios and become ready for every emergency situations. This course lasts 2 days and the cost is 220 ewuro.

Divemaster course is the first step of a professional diver.

• Complete knowledge development segments including Knowledge Reviews in the PADI Divemaster Manual or through Divemaster Online, and pass the Divemaster Final Exam.
• Create an Emergency Assistance Plan for a designated dive site.
• Complete waterskills exercises.
• Complete a diver rescue assessment.
• Complete the dive skills workshop and assessment.
• Complete practical application skills.
• Complete divemaster-conducted programs workshops.
• Complete practical assessments.
• Meet the professionalism criteria.
At time of certification, verify the candidate has:
• Logged at least 60 scuba dives including experience in night diving, deep diving and underwater navigation.
• Completed EFR Primary and Secondary Care training within 24 months.
• Read and agreed to the PADI Membership and License Agreements.
It lasts 8 days and the cost is 650euro.

Also we organize groups for wreck dives.