Chios is blessed. Is surrunded by water (its an island dude, that is the meaning exactly!!!), the crystal blue Aegean Sea waters.

“Happy is the man, I thought, who, before dying, has the good fortune to sail the Aegean sea.”
― Nikos Kazantzakis, Zorba the Greek

Sailing around Chios

Welcome Aboard!
Enjoy the endless magnificent Aegean Sea while sailing our Chios.

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Yachting around Chios

This summer 2015, Plastelini Team has decided to catch a wave and sail around Chios coastline aiming to present public the beauty of this magnificent island, the only one worldwide Mastiha scented island.

Few words about the project:

Yachting Around Chios was Plastelini’s project for Chios this summer 2015. It’s a way to present the natural beauty of Chios island’s coastline while at the same time could show to everyone the experience to travel with a yacht around the island. They wanted whoever watch this video to be able to understand the activities that will be able to do while you’re on it, the freedom such activity offers to everybody involved, while unforgettable moments are about to be captured, reasons for gathering around fireplaces in the winter.

Few words about the team:

Plastelini team members are active photographers in Chios island. They capture moments and experiences, landscapes and people that can express ideas and thoughts similar to theirs.Their way of presenting these idea and thoughts is through photo – writing as they call it. They write on their photos a feeling, a song, a thought… Anything that can express themselves in that instant moment of capturing the photo.

logo-chios-yachting offers boat rentals and daily cruises in the Aegean Sea. Aiming to contribute as much as possible in the development of Chios’ identity as tourist attraction, cruises around Chios since 2010 with private boats.

We are reading into their webpage that: “Chios is a source of natural beauty, worth being explored and loved by the world while maintaining its original beauty. Based on the safety and reliability provided to our travelling customers, we empower people of all ages to participate. During the short time, you will share us while travelling, we want you to experience moments of what we enjoy in our daily lives: The endless magnificent sea!”

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