Chios is a blessed land, first of all because of its products – not only for the mastiha, bur also for the cheeses, the cherries, the vegetables (fresh or dried). Fresh fish, sea-food, local mezedes, the liqueurs with the different Chian flavours and the smooth Chian Ouzo. The visitor can find picturesque taverns and places to enjoy a special meal with good company everywhere, either by the coast or in the mountainous places of the island. The famous traditional Chian cuisine reflects the gentility and the creative imagination of the Chiots and fascinates the visitor.

Tastes from the Chian Earth

The famous non-irrigated tomatoes (domatakia) and the aromatic plants are collected for the winter while the peddlers’ baskets in the market are full of tsikouda, those strange fruits with the peculiar taste.

The well-known Ariousios wine starts to mature and the traditional distilleries produce the fragrant souma, the Chian raki.

Fragrant fruits and nuts are captured ad converted into spoon sweets, such as rose, lemon blossom and many others. Mastiha and Mastiha products, ice cream, almond sweets (=masourakia among the locals), frsh juices from the unique in flavour and aroma Chian mandarins and citrus fruits, leave the visitor with a pleasant and nostalgic taste memory.

Dairy products and traditional local cheeses are featured in the local modern production.

The one and only Fresh Chios Beer, a House Pale Ale, ideally combines with light meals such as salads or vegetable tart.