We are talking about a very careful job…


In a brown bottle of 330ml, the beer from Chios came in order to complete the fine selection that microbreweries offer to our country in recent years. By opening the bottle and servicing the beer in the glass it immediately offers its blurry blond color, which means that it hasn’t been filtered. The white foam with blond highlights has moderate density and duration. In the glass you will see just a few small bubbles from carbonate.

The hop and citrus aromas are dominant. The slight bitterness, which is by no means unpleasant to the consumer, supplemented by flowerness that carries you in a spring valley as the one in Chios where its producing . Its body is medium and the carbonate it was hardly noticeable, as it was obvious. It leaves you with a light bitter after taste. The fresh beer from Chios is light, easy to drink and pleasant. Its alcohol content, as stated in the bottle, does not exceed 4.9%abv. Proper serving temperature is 8-12 ° C, as everyone should drink an Ale. Ideally is combined with light meals such as salads or vegetable tart.

The Chios Brewery

is based in Kampos, it uses water from the Panayia Voithia (Mary Helps) font and it’s producing its beer with a couple of German malts barley, whole hops (using Amarilo, Magnum with American origins and Bobek from Slovenia) and French dry yeast. The patient fermentation and maturation reverent six weeks and leads to quality results that awaits us just to open the bottle. Finally, the beer is not filtered and not treated with heat (pasteurized) and therefore has a limited lifetime and it should kept only in the refrigerator!

Location: Kampos, 78, Ag. Mina str.
T. +30 22710 33107
W. Chios Beer