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Villages of Amani


Located 65 kilometers north of the town of Chios and a mere 20 kilometers from the village Volissos is Nenitouria ...
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In about 40 kms away of Chios town lays the beautiful village of Volissos. Is the biggest village among the ...
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Have you heard about our cause #Amani2018? We are committed to provide Amani area of Chios a bigger exposure this year. Through we are intending to give Chios visitors a guide of the most... Read More

Ariousios Wines of Amani, heritage of Chios
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In Amani and in Egrigoros village, northwest of Chios town, the famous from the antiquity area Ariousia Land has become a landmark within Chios delicious trails where the nearby vineyards produce excellent wines, the unique... Read More

The 5 most photographed places in Amani
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In the community of travel bloggers, there is a rule that dominates their minds: If you don’t take photos, it didn’t happen. Thousands of tons of articles and blog posts are based on the power... Read More