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Mesta village is one of the finest examples of Medieval architecture, very well preserved and maintaned till today on the island of Chios and not only. Is located 40 km south of Chios town and is completly a car-free village.

Mesta in old medieval texts is mentioned as Amista, Amistae and Lamiste. Perhaps in Greek it was named Amistha. According to another view the name derives from the Byzantine word “mesta” which means “hard” (the opposite of “tender”). A third view is based on the shift of the initial letter of the word Vesta – Mesta. “Vestas” was the one responsible for the emperor’s clothing. Vestarhaton” used to be a feud given by the Emperor to “Vestas” in order to honour him.

Unverified tradition quotes that Mesta was founded by the dwellers of Meskia, a village in Peloponnese and by the natives that used to live in various small settlements up to then. They constructed the village by bordering it with a great wall. Nowadays Mesta has 500 residents approximately. Many more are those who dwell in Athens, Thessaloniki and in the USA. Associations have been established by the communities of Athens and of the USA, whose primary concern is to be in direct contact with the manners and customs of their native land.

Many embellishment works have been taking place due to the villagers living abroad. In the past the communities of Egypt and Russia made great offers to the village whereas these days the communities of the USA and Athens contribute essentially to the promotion of the village. The villagers themselves are vividly interested in the maintenance of their cultural heritage as well as in the environmental conservancy. As far as cultural issues are concerned there is the “Cultural Association of Mesta” and about the environment issues the Association of Amateur Fishermen “The Friends of Limenas of Mesta”.

Walking around the narrow alleys you will realize how difficult it was for the attackers to find their way through the village. Dont miss a visit the Church of Great Taxiarchis and to the church of older Taxiarchis.

Would you like to have a coffee here? It is ok. The main square of the village hosts plenty of coffee shops and taverns where you will be able to enjoy local tastes like the famous Kronos ice cream and, why not a glass of the well known Mestousiko wine, a semi-sweet red wine from the vineyards of the area.

Where to Stay:

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Dont Miss in Mesta:

– Taste loukoumades at Kanellos
– The opportunity of getting married at Mesta if your are still single, to renewal your vows if you are still happy or to find your local half-heart if you are still hunting…
– Swim and relax at Apothika beach.

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