Vessa is a medieval village situated in a valley in southern Chios just 4 km from Elata and 19 km from Chios Town. It is a very picturesque, quiet village and a wonderful place to stroll around. You can wander down the narrow streets and admire the archways on the streets as well as the traditional architecture of the two-storey stone houses. Although the fortified surrounding wall around the village has been split, many of the houses remain in very good condition, despite the fact that some of them need repairing and are empty.
Vessa also has a beautiful large church called St. Demetrios which has a pebbled courtyard and stunning view of the valley.

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Where to Stay:

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What to See & Do in Vessa

  • Visit the residence of the Ecumenical Patriarch Konstantinos Vαliadis(Konstantinos the 5th)
  • Light up a candle in front the wood-carved icon of Agios Dimitrios and admire the church of Panagia Petrousena (a.k.a from stones) the oldest church of Chios according to the villagers
  • To have a coffee while chatting with locals under the shade of an old plane tree in the central square of the village: Priceless!!!

Photo tour of Vessa village