The Cave of Olympoi is situated on Sykia, a location in the southwest of Chios, 35 km out of the town of Chios and 5 km away of the medieval village of Olympoi.


The natural decoration of the cave is magnificent. It has mostly a yellow – red color because of the presence of carbonic calcium and the red-colored argilic components. In some places, the cave has white color. It is full of stalactites.

According to the scientists, the creation of the cave took place in two different phases:
a) The first is referred to the Upper Jurassic period (Mesozoic period) 150 million years ago, and
b) the second is referred to Cainozoic period 65 million years ago.

In spite of its small dimensions the cave is one of the most remarkable and beautiful caves of Greece.

Visitors can explore the cave accompanied by a speleologist which guides the tours inside the cave. It is open to the public from May to September every day except for Monday, 11:00 to 18:00. For more information about visiting times call 22710 93364.

In the area a coffee shop is serving coffee, refreshments and sells souvenirs.