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What visitors are thinking about Chios

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a day in chios
Today, Arcem Görkem Çaylar has left Cesme for 10th time to visit Chios.

Arcem lives in Smirni and what attracts her to Chios is the natural beauty, the traditional tastes and of course the friendly citizens.

What Arcem likes in Chios

Visiting Pyrgi.

4 years ago, Arcem has decided to visit Pyrgi,one of the famous Mastihohoria. Apart fromproducing  Mastiha, Chians know also about hospitality. In Pyrgi Arcem had the opportunity to sit with locals and to realize it. She was very happy!


Photos of Arcem

Taste of Chios

Ouzo, atherina, shrimps, Greek salad and frappe are among her favorites while she had an amazing experience at Kechribari tavern.

Arcem likes also Lithi where she can relaxed with her friends enjoying great tastes prepared with care and served with love.

a day in chios 3

By the way can you name what is missing from the Chian version of traditional Greek salad shown in the picture above taken by Arcem? Comment below.

Have you ever been in Chios? Share your experience with our readers. Give us your visual uploading a phot from Chios you like the most. Email us!

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